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January 16, 2012
Basic WordPress SEO Considerations
By Ben Kemp
WordPress search engine optimisation (WP SEO) options are many and varied. Picking the right options makes a huge difference to SERPs (search engine results pages) outcomes. There's also a complication with many new design themes being distributed with SEO functionality already embedded.

So, what's important in WordPress SEO? As a preface to the following paragraphs, I've been a WordPress fan since version 1.5 or so, and have years of experience in installation of WordPress, themes and plugins. In particular, WordPress SEO is my speciality, along with website development for clients the world over.

he default installation of WordPress does not lend itself well to good search engine rankings, as many of the essentials are not included in the core code. That's only a minor problem, as a plethora of good SEO plugin extensions exist. The biggest problem is sorting through the misinformation, conflicting opinions and various offerings to arrive at a solid WP SEO platform.

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